Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Birthday Board - Never Forget Another Birthday

Have you ever been embarrassed by forgetting a birthday in your family?  Boy I have!  Talk about having a red face and feeling about an inch high.  Tee Hee  Keeping track of all the birthdays makes my brain crazy sometimes. I believe I have found the perfect solution to that dilemma. I ran across this really great idea at The Idea Door  the other day for keeping me on track with family birthdays.  We have 17 great-grandchildren, 8 grandchildren, and 5 children; plus all the cousins and nieces and nephews so this project is perfect for us. 

It's a Birthday Board.....and here is how I made mine.

Materials Needed:
foam board
1/2 yard fabric
card stock (variety of colors)
Aleen's Clear Gel Tacky Glue

Tools Needed:
punches -  in your desired shape
exacto knife
chalk pencil or chalk

I started by cutting a 12"x 20" foam board.  I then covered it with fabric affixing it with the clear glue as shown in picture below.


I decided to use hearts shapes for the months and birthdays because I am all about love and family, and all things of the heart <3 .  I used a 1-1/2" heart punch for the months and a 1/2" punch for the individual birthdays below each month. 

Then I embellished each month with things that pertain to  that  particular month,  for example:  I used a pumpkin and a black  cat for October.

I used my Cricut Machine to cut the title lettering for the board.  I used 2" letters.  Before placing the letters,  I  made a chalk line so   that my lettering would be level across board.  I titled my board Family Birthdays.


After I cut all the letters and shapes I glued them to the board using the clear glue.

 I used ribbon to glue the individual hearts with names and   date on them .

I used an exacto knife to cut a small slit below each month to attach the ribbon using the clear glue, leaving about 3 inches or so extra pulled through to the back.  This will allow me to add birthdays if I need to, although they would not be in date order.

 This is my finished Birthday Board.  Even my husband loves it because now he can help remind me.  Tee Hee!!

  I hope you will enjoy making this project as much as I did.  Happy crafting ladies!!              

Until next time Big Hugs and Best Wishes

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